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  • Global Herbal Market
  • The exports of ayurvedic and unani medicines put up for retail sale to other countries have increased from Rs. 17 crores in 1992-93 to 98 crores in 1998-99. The data is given in Annexure 1(vi). In USA our exports have increased from Rs.47 lakhs in 1992-93 to 8 crores in put up for retail sale. USA has stringent rules for the imported products that are used for consumption. These medicines are not exported under the category of medicines but find their way in US market as food supplements and herbal products. Similarly in UK the Indian exports of these products have increased from mere 5 lakhs of rupees to above one crore from the year 1992-93 to 1998-99. European Union is the biggest market in global herbal products. Indian products to other countries like Germany, France, Italy and Netherland have also increased. In 1992-93 Germany was the biggest importer of the ayurvedic and unani medicines followed by Nigeria but their importance decreased drastically in terms of share of the exports of Indian Ayurvedic & Unani products.